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Automatic collection of data

Normally, cookies are not used. Navigation activity of the visitors on progettiamo.ch is not analysed in a way that permits unambiguous identification of the visitors. No data obtained from third parties are used to assess navigation activities.

Optional collection of data

Progettiamo.ch does not contain forms that must be filled in online by the visitors, except for logging, inscribing for the newsletter or making a contact request, for the users who want to benefit from these services.

Purpose of the collected data

The data are used only for the declared purpose and are not transmitted to those who are not involved in the activities of the platform progettiamo.ch. Confidentiality/security All data provided in a form are transmitted via https protocol with encryption via an SSL certificate. However, it cannot be excluded that data may be lost or sent to third parties during the transmission.

All data transmitted to progettiamo.ch will be stored on the servers with due care and attention and protected from access by third parties. Access to the data will be guaranteed only to those collaborators who need it to perform their duties. The data will be not transmitted to third parties, except for the promises of support that the registered users have sent in favour of a project. Such data – name, address, promised amount – will be transmitted to the promoters of the supported projects in order to finalise the promises of funding.