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Why participate?

Progettiamo.ch enables you to collect funds for a development project in the Canton of Ticino via a new interactive system by presenting a project online and receiving promises of funding from the supporters of the project.

How does the fundraising concept work?

Progettiamo.ch registers the promises of funding made by the supporters of a project, and, if the project achieves 100% of its funding within the established time limit, the registered list is delivered to the project promoter who can then collect 100% of the promised contributions directly from the donors.

How much it costs to join?

Progettiamo.ch is completely free both for those who want to submit a project and those who want to fund projects. The site does not collect money, it only collects promises of funding, money being collected directly by the project promoters. The website neither requests nor retains any commission


Who can present projects?

Anyone who has a development project in the Canton of Ticino can contact the Regional Development Agency (RDA) of reference to verify the eligibility of the project for its inclusion in the platform. A necessary prerequisite is that the promoter is competent and reliable, and that he undertakes to use the platform correctly and in a conscious manner.

What kind of projects can be included and what criteria must be met?

Any project that enters into one of the following categories can be included:

  • We support: nonprofit development projects in the Canton of Ticino: culture and tourism-related initiatives, valorisation of historical heritage or traditions, activities of landscape recovery, etc.;
  • We donate: solidarity initiatives, in particular projects and raising funds for charity;
  • We finance: financing entrepreneurial initiatives in Ticino with attention to local and artisanal productions.

Any project included in the platform is verified and validated by the Regional Development Agency (RDA) of reference before it can be shown online.

What is the minimum information I must provide on the page of my project?

It is necessary to insert into the project a short yet complete description of the project together with a description of the project promoter. The promoter is also invited to add pictures and videos relating to his project, and other relevant documents.

May I submit several projects at the same time?

Yes, provided that the projects are clearly different from each other.

May I modify a project once it is launched?

No, once a project is published online, it is no longer possible to modify the inserted content. However, the project promoters have the possibility to insert updates on their project into a special section dedicated to the News.

May I change the required capital or the deadline after having launched the projec?

No, once the project has been launched, the promoter may no longer change the target amount or the deadline. Only the administrator can make a correction in approved and justified cases.

How do I provide updates on my project?

On the presentation page of the project, an appropriate section has been created where you can insert updates and news.

Does progettiamo.ch make a selection of the projects?

Yes, any project, before being published, is validated by the Regional Development Agency (RDA) of reference. The RDA verifies whether the project is consistent with the purposes and the functionalities of the platform and, if the requirements are met, validates the project and allows its publication.

My project has been rejected by the administrator. What do I do?

In principle, the decision of the RDA of reference cannot be contested. However, a negative decision can be revised, if changes to the project are made.

May I remove a project?

Yes, it is possible, if, for personal or other reasons, the promoter is no longer able to complete the project. To remove the project, it is necessary to contact the reference administrator to justify the decision.

What happens when a project is removed?

The project will no longer be visible on the platform. Those who have made a promise of funding in favour of the project will receive a notification email informing them of the cancellation of the project. The names of the potential donors will not be communicated to the project promoter.

Is there a maximum duration of the fundraising?

In principle, it is the project timetable that defines the maximum deadline of the fundraising. The promoter submits his project with a pre-established deadline which, once published, can be corrected only by the administrator in approved and justified cases.

Can a project collect more promises of funding than it is required?

Yes, the collected funds can exceed 100% of the financial target of a project. In these cases, the promoter will have additional resources to further develop his project.

What happens if a project achieves its financial target before its deadline?

The project promoter will be informed that promises of funding equal to 100% of the project costs have been collected, and he will have time before the established deadline for collecting some additional funds to further develop his project.

What happens if I do not achieve the target amount? May I try again?

If the project does not achieve the established amount by the established deadline, the donors’ names will not be communicated to the project promoter. Therefore, the donor will not be requested to pay the promised amount. The project that has not collected enough promises can no longer be re-submitted to the platform. Exceptions are the projects that are re-submitted after substantial improvements. In these cases, the fundraising via the platform will begin from zero.

Do I remain the only owner of the project??

Yes! Progettiamo.ch does not claim rights to the submitted projects. In the same way, the donors do not become owners of the project because their contribution is considered a donation and does not envisage anything in exchange beyond the benefits established by the project promoter.


How to make a promise of funding in favour of a project?

To support a project, it is necessary to be registered on the platform, the registration procedure takes just some minutes. Once you create your account as a donor, you will be able to contribute the amount you wish to any project.
> Download the user’s guide for project donors (pdf, 145 KB)

Is the reliability of the project promoters guaranteed by the administrators?

The administrators (RDA) assess the seriousness and the reliability of the promoters by establishing one or more direct contacts. In addition, every promoter is requested to sign a contract in which he undertakes to deliver to the RDA of reference the proofs of the collected funds and the costs incurred for the project implementation. If the proofs are not delivered or are inadequate, the contract shall require the project promoter to make a reimbursement. 
Every user of the platform is also invited to report to the administrators (info@progettiamo.ch), quickly and without delay, any case of improper use of the platform, of violation of its purposes or its functionalities.
It is understood that assuming the responsibility for a project and for its execution on schedule and as planned is strictly within the project promoter’s competence.

Are there maximum and minimum limits of the funding?

Progettiamo.ch wants to support projects of any kind and has therefore not established special limits. Any project can be funded starting from the minimum amount of 10 fr.

Is it possible to pay cash or with checks?

No, every promised amount must be received by the promoter by a payment to a bank or postal account to ensure that the origin of the funds is verified. Therefore, other payment methods are not allowed.

Is it possible to make an anonymous donation?

No, since the donor makes a promise of payment, it is necessary that he provides his contact data. These data will be sent to the project promoter, if the project achieves 100% of funding. Any other user of the platform will not have access to these data.

Will the promised amount be visible to all?

Only the total amount of the promised funds is published on the website. The amounts promised by every single donor will be visible only to the administrator and, if the project achieves 100% of funding, to the project promoter.

What information must I provide to make a promise of funding?

To make a promise of funding, you should be registered on the platform and, once you log in, indicate the amount you want to contribute to the project. It is not necessary to indicate your bank account details or other sensible data.

What happens if the project in favour of which I have made a promise of funding does not achieve the target amount?

If the project does not achieve the required funding, the donors’ names will not be sent to the project promoter. The donor will therefore not be asked to pay the promised amount.

Is there any deduction from the donation, if the project does not achieve the established finacial target?

No, if the project does not achieve the target amount, the donors’ names will not be communicated to the promoter, and there will be no deduction. The donors will be informed thereof via email and disengaged of their promises.

Do I receive a notification about the outcome of the fundraising in which I have participated?

Yes, every donor can decide what kind of information, and how often, he wants to receive. Every donor automatically receives a notification as the project collects promises of funding equal to 100% of the necessary funds or the final outcome appears on the final date.

May I cancel a promise of funding?

Yes, but only by contacting the reference administrator of the project in question before the project’s final date.

May I contact the project promoter?

Yes, the project promoter can provide his contact data in the project tab to respond to any request for further information.


Who is responsible for the promises of funding?

Only the person who has made the promise of funding is responsible. The administrators of the platform are not guarantors for the promises of funding made by the donors.

May I combine fundraising on progettiamo.ch with other forms of funding?

Yes, it is possible to combine various forms of funding. The amount of all collected funds will be shown on the project page where a chart will show the funds collected through crowdfunding and the whole of the other funds. Inclusion of funds collected in ways other than through crowdfunding requires the consent of the administrators.


What kind of benefits can be offered?

The project promoter can freely choose whether and what to offer to those who decide to support his project. The promoter can choose to vary the benefits according to the promised amount.

Is it compulsory to establish benefits for the donor?

No. Every promoter has a free choice whether or not to offer benefits to his donors.

Who is responsible for offering the promised benefits to the donors?

The project promoter is the only responsible for offering the promised benefits.


Can I modify or delete my account?

Yes, on your profile management page you have an option to delete your account from the site. Once you delete your account, you will no longer be able to access the platform. However, any promise of funding you made remains valid and registered. To cancel a promise of funding, you need to contact the RDA of reference of the supported project.

How do I log in via my Facebook account?

Once you create your account on progettiamo.ch, if the registered email address matches the address you use on Facebook, you will be able to log in without having to enter your data, by using the function “Login via Facebook” available on the login screen.

I have forgotten my password. How do I log in?

An appropriate link is available in the login section for the case where you have forgotten your password.
After you enter your email address registered on the platform, you will receive a new password in your email box.